Educational Approach

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Educational Approach

LEAD INDIA provides education from LKG to Class X. It follows A.P. State Syllabus and integrated syllabus and the medium of instruction is English.

From our progressive educational approach, and the unique curriculum we have evolved, to the commitment and passion in our teachers, the atmosphere at Lead India stimulates confidence, thought, self-discipline, and the harnessing of creative energies.

Our Curriculum

"The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing." ---Albert Einstein

The curriculum at Lead India is unique in its weave of inventive thinking, multiple intelligences and differentiated learning. We recognize the challenges of an inter-dependent and competitive international environment, and the need for our children to adapt and excel in it. We believe that an education system that stimulates children to use their multiple faculties and think in connected ways will better prepare them for success, at home and beyond.

At LEAD INDIA School teaching and learning is

  • Personalized
  • Intellectually Challenging and
  • Connected to the Real World

An Ideal class room Lively class rooms enabled by hi-fi technology for better assimilatio

Lead India provides elegantly designed classrooms with comfortable chair seating arrangement. Every classroom is well equipped with an international class facility like LCD Projector, audio-visual presentation. In each classroom the student strength is restricted to only 36. The classrooms with latest technology and comfortable furniture inspire the children to be confident enough to take on the world.

IIT Programme Highlights

Apart from state syllabus, from class vi onwards the school prescribes integrated syllabus. To prepare the present gen children to meet with the challenges of tomorrow and to face high level competitive exams like IIT JEE, AIEEE,EAMCET, and other State and National Olympiads and Talent Tests, we have structured an integrated syllabus in the main subjects(Maths, Physics and Chemistry) which is a combination of state syllabus + CBSE + ICSE.
At lead India every senior teacher in Maths, Physics, Chemistry is followed by an associated teacher and thus the teacher to student ratio is as low as 1:12. Each class session is followed by a doubts clarification period for the utmost benefit of the children.
Matrusree IIT Academy Material will be provided to the students at the beginning of the academic year itself.
As a part of it, on every Friday, an half an hour test on CONCEPTS, DEFINITIONS, FORMULAE in Maths, Physics, and Chemistry is conducted. These kind of tests really enable the students to perform well in the competitive exams.
The students are encouraged to participate in the activities like Quizes, Group Discussions, Mind mapping programmes
Apart from regular Weekly, Unit Tests and Terminal Exams, on every Monday there is a test on IIT Syllabus and the students performance in the weekly test is microscopically analysed. Results are sent to the parents through SMS immediately and the students are counselled accordingly.
Lead India actively seek the most qualified professionals available to become the members of the faculty. Our teachers are innovative, highly committed and richly experienced, many of whom hold advanced degrees.